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About Us


Departed from the desire to be a noticeable accounting firm, which professionally able to guide every person who runs a business in the accounting industry, Johannes Juara & Rekan was established in 2006. Since then, what started as a humble beginning becomes a worth applauded success story with remarkable achievements. Johannes Juara & Rekan consistently provides excellent service while at the same time staying true to their firm foundation of integrity and business ethics.


Since the beginning, Johannes Juara & Rekan sets a focused aim, to be acknowledged as one of the accounting firms in Indonesia renowned with a great reputation and notable quality, helping every client that crossed their path to successfully achieve their business goals. Johannes Juara & Rekan outward-focused is balanced inwardly, aiming to be a great career incubator for every employee to grow and prioritizing integrity and ethics in running the firm’s daily operation.


Johannes Juara & Rekan stands for these five corporate values, which become a remarkable culture for everyone who experiences the firm’s excellent service, whether as a client or as an employee: Integrity, Trust, Accountability, Quality, and Commitment to Clients. With these strong values, Johannes Juara & Rekan could be your trusted accounting firm, not only for the excellent performance, but also for the commitment, competitive rates, and dedication to always be available and responsive to each client.



INAA is an International Association of Independent Accounting firms, established over 25 years ago to facilitate cross-border business, and was created around a shared vision: “Making global business personal, and taking personal business globally.”


INAA Group members, including Johannes Juara & Rekan are dedicated to the delivery of professional accountancy, taxation, and related services to every client.

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